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TARAN (FKA Teeeezy C) is a London-based director of South Asain heritage that has begun to garner critical acclaim for his work in the world of music.

Often chosing 16mm film as his medium, his recent work marks a significant re-invention of his style.

With a particular emphasis on blockbuster performance, beautifully crafted frames and a slick colour palette, his work naturally embodies and elevates the music it represents.

In December 2021 He Won The Coveted Video Of The Year Award At The MOBOs.

In the media he featured in The Guardian where he was described as “Uk Rap’s Go To Director”.

He has also appeared on Vice where he was credited as the “Architect For The Biggest Names In UK Rap And Drill along with interviews on his work.

He has given numerous talks on his journey, offering an insight into how he grew his brand & what is required to be a young entrepreneur in the creative industries.

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