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Saràh Phenom was born in the vibrant landscapes of Rwanda. From a young age, Saràh exhibited an unparalleled uniqueness, fostering a sense of being an 'alien' due to her distinctive way of thinking and her eclectic tastes in music and culture.

Her childhood in Rwanda and later years in Europe instilled in her a profound sense of individuality and a deep understanding of diverse cultural perspectives.

These experiences not only shaped her worldview but also her artistic endeavors, ultimately earning her the moniker "Phenom" from her teachers, who saw her as nothing short of a phenomenon.

Now residing in London, Saràh continues to live in her "little fantasy world," navigating the complexities of life in her unique way.

Based on the proverb “there’s two sides to every story...”

Shot on Arri Alexa Mini using Zeiss Superspeed Lenses

Producer: Hugo Holford
DP: Billy Kendall
Art Director: Delphine Fyrst

Steadicam: Benjamin Eeley
Choregrapher: Zinzile Tshuma
Movement Director: Ricky Labib

Commissioner: Junior Anim-Barimah
Production Company: ODYSSEY


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